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Why white women should wear hair toppers and lace wigs?

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Maybe most women just know black women should wear lace wigs and hair extensions,white women less wear lace fact white women also wear lace wigs or hair toppers.maybe you don’t know the we would like to share you this:why white women should wear hair toppers and lace wigs.

1:for fashion

Who not change hair color or hair style in a year? Wear lace wigs or hair extension already become a fashion trendy.because some hair color can not dye through our own hair,so most celebrities leads  the fashion through hair extensions or lace wigs.some women wear same lace wigs for fashion.

2:protect your own hair

Like we had said in above,many women change hair color or hair style a few times in a year.but if you dye your hair too frequently,that will be a big damage to your own wear toppers or lace wigs can change your hair color anytime and also can protect your own hair.

3:solution thin hair or bald hair problem

There many different factors caused thin hair or bald hair.some women maybe pressure,some women maybe caused by medicine,some women maybe caused by matter which way ,for white women should be careful when they are in middle age.most white women start thin hair in their middle age.we all know how important hair style for a wear hair toppers or lace wigs can add your hair volume,and also can protect your hair and scalp avoid ultraviolet.

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