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What is single knots and double knots lace wigs?

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What is single knots and double knots lace wigs?

When we talked about lace wigs,there have a important thing have to make is choose single knots or double knots lace wigs?

Before we discuss the difference for single knots and double knots,let us explain what is single knots and double knots.

All lace wigs the hair is be hooked to lace,and when hook the hair to the lace,you can choose how many hair hooked on a hole(lace have hole)for double knots usually hook 2-3pieces hair on the hole,for single knots usually each hole hook 1 piece hair.

Ok,after we explain the way how to hook,now let us see the difference between single knots and double knots.

1:single knots have a smaller knots than double knots(because the hair hook less) so from natural view,there is no doubt single hair knots is better than double knots hair.

2:hair density.double knots have high density than single knots,because same hole hooked more hair.

3:bleach knots,from technique view,single knots more easy than double knots,because the knots is smaller than double knots so it is easy to be bleached.but single knots if do deeply bleach knots,the hair also easy to shedding than double knots hair.

So from above compare.if you want most natural looking and less hair single knots is a good choice for you.if you want high density then double knots is better for you

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