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Human hair lace wigs VS synthetic lace front wigs,which one is better?

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When we choose a lace wigs,there must face a choice,which kind lace wig to choose human hair wigs or synthetic lace front wigs?here we would like help you do a compare,hope can help you choose the one lace wig you want.


There have no doubt synthetic lace front wigs win!no matter which kind wig cap you choose,for the same wig cap,synthetic lace front wig will always cheap!so if your budget is limited,then synthetic lace wig is a good try.

Wigs life time

Usually in the same use situation,human hair lace wigs have a long life than synthetic lace wigs.because synthetic lace wigs material is plastic,but human hair lace wigs material is 100% human hair.

Hair color

Synthetic lace front wigs win!synthetic hair lace wig original hair color have few hundreds ,and besides original hair color,it is also have ombre color,mixed color and so on.for human hair lace wigs original color ring only have 30-40 kinds hair colors,yes it also can do ombre color,mixed color,highlight color and so on.but it still can not as many as synthetic hair lace wigs


It is absolutely human hair lace wigs,human hair lace wig made by 100% human hair,it is the same as your own hair material,so when you wear it looks like your own growth hair.for synthetic hair though the highest quality now it have same raw material same as human hair(most are still plastic),but it is still machine made,it can not compared with real human hair.

Hair texture

Human hair lace wigs hair texture equal synthetic hair lace front wigs,all hair texture can be done both synthetic hair and human hair,just it seems maybe different,that cause by hair material.


For human hair you can dye or bleach the hair color by yourself.but synthetic hair hard to dye or bleach the hair by if you buy a synthetic hair wig,the hair color can not be changed,but if you buy a human hair lace wigs,if you not satisfied with the hair color,you can take to salon or dye that by yourself.

Hair length

Synthetic hair made by machine,,so it is no hair length can do from 10-40inch,even longer.but human hair is get from people grow,so usually hair length most from 8-24inch,the longest are maybe 36inch,but it is very very less.also even have the price will very very expensive.

Lace wig cap

All the lace wig cap on human hair lace wigs all can be done by synthetic hair lace wig,so it is also no limited on the lace wig cap.

So after our above compare,here is our advice for you,if you want fresh color,or wear a few months only ,and have a lower price budget.or you are first time to wear lace wigs.then i think synthetic lace wigs is better for you.but if you want wear a long time lace wigs,and want the lace wig very very natural,then human hair lace wigs is better for you.finally no matter which kind wig you choose,hope you can enjoy the lace wigs!

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