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How to solution thin and bald hair problem for women and men?

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More and more men and women face thin hair or bald hair problem.and this trend still increase every year.we all know how important hair style for a will influence 80% of looking.have normal hair can let a people looks younger more than 10 years than no hair!and also bring you more confidence,so how to solution thin and bald hair problem becomes a very important thing.

For now the most way to increase hair volume have two :one is hair transplant,another is wear lace wigs or hair system.please not believe medicine can let your hair growth.

For hair transplant it is the same as your own hair,but it have a few problem,first it is very expensive,the price less people can stand,and also it is not permanent,it should keep transplant after some time,and another risk is transplant hair maybe will harmful to your scalp and this method is not good for most people.

Compared with hair transplant,wear a lace wigs or hair toppers is a better choice,it have these few advantage:

first cheap price,normally a lace wig or hair replacement price is few hundred,this price can be stand by most people.

Second wear lace wigs and toppers also can easy change the hair color or hair style as you want,no need worry harm to your own hair and scalp.

Third:you can choose hair length from 8-36inch easily,can change your hair length in a short time

Fourth:no matter lace wigs or hair replacement,you all can make the custom order according to your own demand.because different people have a different situation on hair thin problem,some people maybe thin hair in crown,some people maybe in hairline and so on.

And there have another special audience,these people must wear lace wigs or hair toppers,they the cancer lace wigs and hair system have a very widely used than hair transplant.that is why more and more popular.

Finally no matter which way you choose,we hope you can have a active manner to face that.

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