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How to choose human hair toppers?

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Many women have hair thin or hair loss problem,hair toppers is a good way to help women get thick hair and solute bald problem.but some women not clear how to choose hair toppers,here we supply our advice for you.

1:choose right base

Usually there have lace,silk top,mono base on hair toppers,you should choose the base that you want.for sure each base have different feature,such as lace is thin breathability(but most should use tape ),silk top can hidden knots,mono base can hidden knots ( not as good as silk top)and cheaper than silk top.

2:hair topper size

After confirm the topper base,next you should confirm the hair topper size,usually there have many size such as 4X4,5X5,6X6,7X7 and so on.besides these normal size ,we also can supply custom service,but no matter which size you choose,you should choose a little bigger size than the hair loss area part.but if you buy a whole head wigs,then you no need consider the size problem.

3:hair length

If you buy a whole head wigs,hair length you can choose any length as you want,but if you buy toppers,the hair length should match your own hair length,for example,if your own hair length is 14inch,you should also buy a 14 or 16inch hair topper,but if you buy a 20inch hair topper,it will looks not natural.

4:hair color

It is still have two kinds,if yu wear whole head hair toppers,hair color is not a problem,you can choose any hair color that you like.but you wear part hair topper,we recommend you choose the similar hair color like your owns,so that it can mixed your own hair perfect.

5:hair texture

Usually for hair topper hair texture only have straight and natural wave,less other hair texture.

All above advice is for most women,we know each women hair their own demands,so custom order also matter custom or stock order,we will always supply all help

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