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  • How to choose and wear lace wigs in right way ?

    Though wear lace wigs had become more and more popular,and people know lace wigs also more and more widely,but there are still a big amount women don’t know how to wear lace wig in right way,here we will help you know how to choose and wear lace wig in right way?

    1:you should know all different wig cap,and the difference when wear the wigs.

    We often met such things:before we ship order,we ask women what kind of wig cap they want,most women normally say they want full lace wig,but after they get,they will ask us why no adjust strip on the wigs.

    So before you want choose a lace wigs,know clear for wig cap is very important.

    First you should know,when you wear a lace wig,you want use tape or not ?if you dont want use tape or glue full head,please choose glueless lace wig cap! But if you want use glue or tape full head,you should choose full lace wig.

    Here we attached two picture for you reference,you can see the different very easy

    full lace wig,glueless full lace wig

    glueless full lace wig(glueless lace wig)

    glueless full lace wig

    2:now you had choose the right cap,but you still not know how to wear?

    Then most customer met another question,how to wear full lace wig(no people ask glueless lace wig,because they know glueless lace wig back with adjust strip)?most women can not apart what is front and what is back of full lace wig(we are servious,it often happen on many customers).

    When a new wig on your hand,you not urgent to cut the lace,you should know which is front,and which is back.(if you cut lace,then it will more hard than not cut the lace)

    Here there two way we teach you how to apart the right way.

    1:if your wig have parting,then it is more easy,parting is front

    2:if your wig no parting,you also easy to find,normally wig cap size in front is bigger than back (because wig size ear to ear across forehead is bigger than size of nape)

    Another kind of wig cap will caused you confused is full lace with strecth from ear to ear vs full lace wig with strecth on crown.

    Most women also don’t know what the difference between this two kind wig we attched the picture.

    full lace cap副本this kind wig cap is named full lace wig with stretch on crown.

    full lace wig with stretch from ear to earthis kind named full lace wig with stretch from ear to ear

    Hope this can help you choose the right wig cap,and also can help you wear full lace wig in right way.


  • you should pay attention to synthetic lace wigs now!

    Every girls know human hair lace wigs is more natural than synthetic lace wigs,and if put synthetic lace wig and human hair lace wig together,most of you will choose human hair lace wigs,so do i.but from now on you have to changed your thoughts.

    1:human hair material become less and less

    in fact if you are not in wigs business,you will no feeling,there have a truth it is human hair material had become less and less now,around 10 years ago,the longest human hair material we can get is around 40inch,but for now,even hair length more than 26inch already hard to find.and even find,the price will also very very expensive,less people can acceptable.according to our survey,each year whole world need around more than 10 thousand human hair material,but we all know human hair grow is very very slow.that means hair growth speed can not catch the hair used speed,the most important thing is ,hair have problem people become more and can be seen in future wigs needed will more and more,but hair material will less and less.

    2:synthetic hair material keep improving

    most women not love synthetic lace wig,there reason is sample,because synthetic lace wig is not natural,but it is a wrong thoughts,around 10 years ago,if you say like this we can agree,but for now,it is absolutely wrong thought.for now the most top quality synthetic hair material is protein filament.this kind of hair material is the same like human you can imagine it is also will as natural as human hair!

    3:synthetic lace wig have its own advantage than human hair wigs

    we met many women ask us how to keep the wig hairstyle as long as they can,because most women met one problem,they can not keep the human hair wig hairstyle very long time,as time goes,hairstyle on human hair lace wigs will disappear,and also another problem for human hair wig they often met it is how to keep the hair color on lace wig not fade,especially for fresh hair color on human hair lace wigs.

    but for all above question,you never worry on synthetic lace wigs,synthetic lace wig hairstyle can keep a very long time,and for fresh hair color you also no need worry will fade,hair color on synthetic hair is will not disappear as time goes.

    so if you want long hair length on wigs,then you should choose synthetic lace wig!

    if you want hairstyle keep a long time,choose synthetic lace wig will no mistake!

    if you want your hair color never fade,then choose synthetic lace front wig!


  • Fresh hair color on wigs,synthetic lace wig or human hair lace wig?

    There always have a idea,i want try one crazy hair color,such as big red,big blue,green,orange and so on.but we worry that will bring us own hair big damage.acturally,if you dye fresh color on your own hair,it is absolutely a big destroy on your own hair.thanks god for now we have lace wigs,that can help us get the fresh color hair and also will not destroy our own hair.

    But when you face many kinds of lace wigs,you confused again.should i choose synthetic hair lace wigs or human hair lace wigs?now let us do a further discuss for both.

    1:fresh hair color on synthetic hair lace wig.

    This maybe the most easy and no worry ways to make your hair with fresh color.with synthetic hair lace front wig,you no need worry hair color(synthetic hair color have thousands ),no need worry hair texture(synthetic hair can do many kinds of hair texture,and will last a long time),also not worry to take care.the price also affordable.

    The only thing you maybe think synthetic hair color maybe too artificial.but for now synthetic hair had a great improve on hair material,it become very soft and less acturally it is looks very natural.

    2:fresh hair with human hair lace wigs

    From some views,human hair lace wigs hair equal our own hair,the only difference is they have a lace.because when do hair color,hair texture they are the same way on our human hair,so if you want do fresh hair color,there also have some tips you should consider.

    A:hair color problem,though for now human hair also can do many kinds hair color,but for some color it is not as pure as synthetic hair,such as white color,even you with the best dye,it still will have little black more or less.

    B:hair fade,this is very important things when we dye human hair,no matter you dye your own hair or human hair wigs,they all will have the fade problem when washing.the more fresh color you choose,the more fade will we know for now there no a good way to solution this.

    C:hair texture with fresh hair human hair wigs.we know for some hair color,when met high temperature ,the hair color will make it is hard to do some hair texture on fresh hair color and fresh hair color.even you can do,then the texture also can not keep too long will last after a few times wash.

    D:price,we all have the experience dye our own hair on salon,the price is not cheap,it is the same fresh hair color with human hair wigs also not cheap.

    E:care lace wigs.we cost few hundreds of dollars,it is a big waste if we throw after use one or two it is need us to pay some time to care the lace wig.and we also know ,human hair if do deep process,it is more easy to become dry and you should take many time and money on care the lace wig.

    Now let us to see which way is the best choice for people who want get fresh hair.

    1:dye own hair,cost much money ,destroy own hair,care own hair.

    2:synthetic hair lace wig,less money,no destroy on own hair,no need care,a little not as natural as human hair

    3:human hair lace wig,cost much money,care own hair.

    So which one is your favourate?

  • Why we should stop dye our own hair ?what we should note when dye hair?

    Everyone want become more beauty!Most girls have thoughts to try different hair colors!We believe most of you had dyed hair or have plan to dye your own hair.and also some are get one fantastic,but some also get one failed results.if you had not start dye your own hair,we hope you can read our this article careful,and then decide do or not do.

    1:dye hair is very harmful to your own hair.

    Dye hair is one chemical way,so during this process,it will broken the balance water with your own hair.that will let most protein reduce.that will lead your hair become brittle,then will let your hair lost water,soft,and natural beauty.the more time you dye hair,the deeply hurt to your own hair.actural we also met some girls,they though they are young,and their hair keep grow,so it is no bad influence to their fact most situations the harmful dye hair will not show fast,it is a very slow processed.that is why more and more middle age women hair shedding problem more and more badly.

    2:dye hair will cause shedding!

    Usually hair dye will stimulate your scalp and hair you use hair dye too long time,it will caused hair follice from thick to thin,then it caused shedding.another prodblem it will caused your scalp also will bring bad health.

    But change hair color is a fashion way to looks more in order to show more beauty hairstyle,is that possible way to make it sense?maybe you have the same thoughts with us ,it is lace wigs.

    3:wear lace wigs is a wonderful way to balance your hair color and hair health.

    It is a very good way that you can change your hairstyle and also can not worry hurt your own hair.the less dye hair ,the less hair problem will comes.

    But someone still insist dye their own hair,so is that some way can help them reduce hurt hair?

    Here are some tips for you reference

    1:before use a new hair dye,please do skin test at first,waiting for 24 hours no any bad reaction ,then you can use this brand hair dye.

    2:don’t use different hair dye brand at one time!different brand hair dye maybe have chemical process,maybe will caused bad results

    3:before you start dye your own hair,recommend you use some vaseline on your scalp.that can help you easy wash the hair is better that let your hair dye start from 1inch from your hair root.can reduce harmful to your scalp.

    4:after you dye the hair ,please wash your head many times,don’t let the hair dye keep in your head.

    5:if you feel uncomfortable during process dye your hair,please stop and use clean water wash,and go to hospital to have a check.

    Besides above tips.we recommend you don’t use the hair dye can keep more than half year!and also we not recommend you dye whole head.all in one word,the less you use hair dye the better for your hair and health!


  • Top Popular girls lace front wigs

    We believe every girls and women know how important choose a right hair color and hairstyle,and in order to avoid caused damaged to their own hair,most girls would like try lace front wigs,with the right hairstyle and hair color can let you improve youself more confidence and also can let you seems more beauty!but there also will meet many confused during choose right hairstyle and hair we recommend you some hair color and hairstyle for you!

    1:black hair lace front wigs

    Black hair color is the most classic hair color,it is more popular than any hair color,no matter white girl or black girl,they all love black hair.most girls dreams have a long thick black hair,this hair color can be make sense both on synthetic lace wigs and human hair lace wigs.that is why we rank it top one.

    2:brown hair lace front wig

    Brown hair color is another hair color popular such a long time,it is the same like black hair lace wig, it is popular both girls and women.this kind of hair color also can be done both on synthetic lace front wig and human hair wig

    3:blonde hair color lace wigs

    In past few years,it seems blonde hair only popular during white girls and women,but in recent years,blonde hair color already be accpet by more and more women.but there also have so many different kinds blonde color lace wigs in market,such as blonde,ash blonde,and platinum blonde.and all the above blonde can do both synthetic wig and human hair wig.

    4;dark pink hair color lace wigs

    If you asked which kind of hair color is the most hot for now,it must be dark pink hair color.this kind of hair color can perfect show on both girls and women,another reason why it is popular we guess because the color hard to be show one your own hair,so it can only be done on synthetic hair lace wigs.

    5:grey hair lace wigs

    If you want to know why synthetic hair lace wigs can be such popular,grey hair color maybe one of the answer,synthetic hair material have such different hair color,and these hair color can not be done by human hair.

    6:ombre hair color lace wigs

    Who not love ombre hair color?there are so many kinds of ombre color be popular.such as black root with grey,black root with blonde,brown root with blonde hair and so on,most girls and women love ombre color because they think ombre hair color looks more natural.everyone love natural lace wigs.some ombre hair color can be done easy on human hair wig,but some hair color only can be done on synthetic lace wig.

  • Why girls and women need lace wigs ?

    More and more women and girls wear lace wigs,that is no more secret.most people thought that only for fashion,but that not totally right,and we believe also someone think they can change the hair color with their own hair,so they no need is right,but that is not good.wear lace wigs for now is not only for fashion,but aalso one protect way to your not believe?see blow!

    do you know the harmful for dying your own hair?

    Not sure whether you have the experience dye your hair,what you feel after you dying your hair?it is right,you will feel your hair become dry and also your hair become not health,that lost too much nutrition,the above problems you meet belongs lucky,there also some women and girls meet terrible things,during the processed,their hair be totally damaged.and even you can dye your hair for now,but you can not change your hair color too frequently.but with wigs you can change your hair color anytime as you want,and you not worry damaged your own hair.

    We met someone said they are young,so they not worry damaged hair,because hair can growth again and again,for now it is right,but if you processed your hair too frequently for now,it will increae the speed bald as time goes by.that is why more and more women comes bald problem at age of 30-40years.besides damaged your own hair,another problem you will meet it is damaged your health,because according many test and research,Hair dye easy to cause cancer,and also bad for your scalp.

    We know most of you often ask us one question,wear wigs will influence my own hair growth?

    The answer is absolutely no!wear wigs not influence your own hair growth,it is totally one physical way to change your hairstyle and hair color.

    So what the advantage to wear lace wigs?

    Besides protect your own hair not be damaged,it have many other advantage to wear lace wigs.

    1:no limted to change your hairstyle,do you still struggle whether to do a hairstyle or hair color for a party ?with wigs you no more stuggle for that,for now glueless lace wigs is very only need a few mintutes to wear a lace you can take on and off anytime as you want,and also you no need worry hair color,there are so many hair color you can get.

    2:more ecnomic

    We both know how much money to dye a haircolor or do one hairstyle as you will take you a few hundreds dollars.but with wig,you can get from under 100dollars (such as synthetic lace front wigs)and you also can get human hair wigs few hundreds.for human hair lace wigs it can last around 1-2years,and for few hundreds dollars can buy a few synthetic hair lace wigs,if you changed one every month,it also will be a long time.

    3:meet variety kinds of your demand.

    Which girl not love long length hair?if you want keep your own hair to grow very long,maybe you should wait around 10-20years,and during the years,you can not cut your own hair,and as the long hair the hard to take will take so much time and money to care your own long hair,but with lace wigs,you can easy to solution this problem,no matter synthetic lace wigs or human hair lace wigs,the longest if you want can get 36inch hair!so if you want long length hair,but don’t want wait 10-20years,with lace wigs is best choice!

    4:test for your own hair

    As girls and women when you want to try a new hair color on yourself,we always worry,will this hair color will look perfect on me?because we know if we dye our own hair ,it is hard to change another color in short time.but we can choose the hair color try on lace wigs at first,and then we will know whether the hair color can match us perfect.

    So if you still have doubt on lace wigs,please leave us message or send us email,we would like help answer you all questions.



  • What the difference between women lace wigs and girls lace wigs?

    Every women and girl know the importance of hairstyle.but if one women or girl want to find the perfect hairstyle for themself,it need try many times on their hair.we should be happy that lace wigs had become an important factor of fashion.use lace wigs you need worry to try many hairstyle with your own hair!but women and girls when they choose their lace wigs,they are different!

    So what the difference between women and girls lace wigs?there have few factors you should consider.they are function,age,money,fashion and so on.

    1:function of lace wigs

    According our google and facebook data analytics,most girl wear lace wigs most are used match their makeup,so you can say that the function is for fashion.but many women choose lace wigs for hair can say they used for daily use.for fashion use,as we know fashion changed so frequently,so maybe it only used a few months,by this way,synthetic hair lace wigs more better for fashion use.and for daily use,it need wear a long time,so human hair lace wigs more better for women.

    2:for age factor on wig

    We normally see girls within 25years old,and women exceed 30 years old.

    So for young girl they most condition love fresh and bright color.and women more like natural hair color seems like grow from their that is why young girls more love to try synthetic hair lace front wigs,because synthetic hair color more bright and fresh,women more love human hair wigs because human hair wigs looks more natural,more like their own hair.

    3:from economic view

    This is more easy to understand,human hair wigs normally is expensive,and synthetic lace wigs much cheaper than human hair wigs,women most have job,so they can affordable the price on human hair wigs,for young girl most are student,so the synthetic hair lace wigs they more easy to acceptable.

    4:from fashion view.

    Do have women or girl not makeup?we guess very very little women or girls don’t makeup.young girls makeup more heavy,and women makeup maybe will slight.and hairstyle and hair color is very important for makeup,no matter which kind makeup you do.choose a right hair color and hairstyle so important.for young girl they more like to show their own feature,they normally like exaggerated synthetic hair lace wig can more easy to meet theri demand.and women like easy makeup human hair wig hair color can fit their needs.

    We know that some girls also love human hair wigs.but for some hair color human hair wigs hard to meet their demand,so they have to choose synthetic hair lace wigs,and also have another part of women they love do cosplay,in this situation,synthetic hair wig is your best choice!

  • Why synthetic lace front wigs so popular ?

    If you familiar with lace wigs,you will know for now the toppest natural lace wigs is human hair lace wigs,but no matter how the human hair lace wigs popular,synthetic lace wigs always have a big market.maybe you also have the thought i should try one synthetic lace why synthetic lace wig have such magic?

    Before we do deeply discuss,let us think one question at first,what the biggest reason for you or many people want try synthetic lace wig?there are mainly two kind women love synthetic hair lace wigs,one is young girls,and another is for women who tried of wear human hair lace wigs.

    For young girls the reason much easy to understand,for young,they need more colorful,they need show their style,let us imagine,every girls hair black or blonde or brown hair,but you have grey hair!what that means?that means you can attracted many peoples eye at once!

    Do you love makeup?or maybe i should ask who not love makeup?

    No matter which kind makeup you do ,please keep in mind,hair is the most import role,no matter hair color or is that worth for you to dye your own hair just in order to test the makeup result?it is absolutately not worth.dye hair so many disadvantage,such as destroy your own hair,cost too much money,take too much time,the most important is,you almost makeup everyday,but you are impossible to dye your hair everyday!in this situation,the best way is to prepare a few synthetic lace wigs,here maybe someone will ask why not human hair wigs?that is a good question!first human hair wigs very expensive,the price is about 4-5times than synthetic lace wigs,and the most important is human hair wigs can not get the same colorful like synthetic lace wigs.

    Besides makeup ,cosplay is another main reason for girls more love synthetic lace hair wigs,cosplay is more and more popular in recent years,such as Suicide Squad,we met many girls ask us for Harley Quinn lace wigs,so we know that cosplayer grow fast and leave also fast,if you buy human hair wigs,maybe hard to catch the trend of cosplay!

    Another important things is most girls would like to DIY their own hair or study to do many different hairstyle,if use their own hair do test,that is a waste,but if use synthetic lace wig to practice,that will be better!and for now in market most synthetic hair lace wigs the fiber all top quality,can stand high temperature,so you not worry can not curl or straighten.

    So are you ready to try one synthetic hair lace wigs now?

  • Why Young girl more love synthetic lace front wig ?

    When we talked synthetic lace wigs,what the first view in your mind?do you still think it is only for women?Or do you think it is still made poor quality with machine made wigs?if still this ideas in your mind,then you are out!

    According our data and sales experience,young girl is the most big demand on synthetic hair lace front wigs why synthetic lace front wigs is so popular during young girl?

    1:synthetic hair lace front wig more colorful

    There have thousands hair color on synthetic lace wig,not like human hair wig only few hair color can be young girl they love their hair seems different with other people,they want special one.and another important thing is they pay more attention on fashion.for hairstyle,if they dye or black their hair color to the color they want,that will bring deeply damaged on their this situation,synthetic hair lace front wigs is perfect way to solution.

    Synthetic hair lace front wigs can easy to be any color as they want,and most important is they easy to wear,you can wear any time as you want.

    2:more ecnomic

    How much will cost you if you do a color in salon?i think it need around 2-500dollars.but for synthetic hair lace wigs it will under 100dollars.and also no any harmful to your hair.young girl save money and protect their own hair,is there anyway can better than this ?we think no.another big reason is fashion updated so quickly,that means today maybe popular grey,but tomorrow maybe start popular by this way,human hair wigs not fit you very human hair wigs is expensive.but synthetic hair lace wigs,you can wear one or two months,then throw away to change another fashion color,but for human hair wigs,because it is more expensive,it is hard to throw within 2-3months.

    3:no need pay too much time to care your wigs.

    When you choose wear human hair lace wigs,you should care the human hair lace wigs carefully,wash and do hair conditioner every month,it will cost you much time and much money.but for synthetic hair lace wigs you no need worry these things,as you wear the wigs only a few months,so if have quality problem,you can throw it direct,and even you don’t want throw,and if have quality problem,you also can cut the hair direct,no need worry how it is expensive.

    So after our share the reason why young girls love synthetic hair lace wig,so if you belongs young girls,what are you waiting for ?

  • What you should note when choose synthetic lace wigs?

    High quality synthetic lace wigs become more and more popular these days.more and more girls would like to try variety color hair to change their hair style and color.though the value of synthetic lace wigs is not high.but it still have some small tips to note when you choose synthetic lace wigs.

    1:fiber material

    There have so many different kinds of fibers in market.normally three kinds is most sell,chinese fiber ,korea fiber,japn fiber.and japan fiber is the best.

    If you can not apart the original fiber place ,it is not problem,just keep in mind,choose the fiber can stand high temperature.and also choose less shiny material.

    2:lace wig cap on synthetic lace wig

    In most situation,there also have three kinds wig cap in market,they are all machine made,lace front wig,and full lace wig.for synthetic hair lace wig lace front wig cap is the most be we not recommend you choose all machine made,that kinds material too poor,and also not natural to wear,the most important is they also not comfortable.

    3:hair color on synthetic lace wigs

    When yu wear synthetic lace wigs ,there normal have two way is just for fashion,no need consider whether match you very well.but if you wear for hair loss,then you should consider hair color,we not recommend you choose too bright color.

    4:hair density and hair length

    From some people mind ,the more hair density they ask,the more natural it will get,acturaly wrong.and also some women think,since synthetic hair short length and long length price is same,then it should take longer one,the longer the also wrong.the longer hair or heavy density you asked,the wig will too heavy,that is not good for your scalp,and also the long hair you got ,it is more hard to take care,long hair more easy to tangle.

    So hope these above tips can bring some help about how to choose right synthetic hair wig for yourself.

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